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Contradictory law
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This law has got to be among the most archaic and contradictory law in Singapore. While the government has said that it is a law in name only, I can only guess at the rationale behind it – there seem equal proportions of liberal and conservative members in the Singapore population; the government is trying to be conservative; the government is afraid it would lose the vote of the conservative members of society…

The reasons are endless. Whatever.

This law is conservative to the point of being an embarrassment for the country. I remember being stumped for words when asked by my foreign friends about this issue. The debate regarding this seems to be going nowhere, if only because Singaporeans are generally so apathetic about it. The government has always taken it upon itself to educate the public; surely it can do the same for this so that the stereotypes concerning the issue can be resolved.
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January 22, 2013
The most archaic law in Singapore actually pertains to something about cattle and horses not being allowed on certain bridges, and contradictory to what? Anyway-

1) There seem to be (to you), equal proportions of liberal and conservative members of society in Singapore. Liberal voices are actually louder in Singapore than conservative ones- but surveys and census' still show that over 60-70% of Singaporean households are "conservative" in the sense that they are not supportive of homosexual marriage. Let's not even get started on how the "conservative" and "liberal" labels are really not useful and very polarizing (and therefore unhelpful) in such a complex issue as this ok?

2) What I do agree with is that the arguments on both side are endless. However, they can be categorized into some general frameworks- Arguments from Morality, from Pragmatism, from Public Policy, from Foreign Policy, from National Agenda etc.

3) Singaporeans are not actually apathetic about this issue. They are actually very active and very adamant about their stances. Also- they like to throw around terms like "conservative" and "liberal" and tend to demonize the opposition. That's why the debate is going nowhere.

4) Your friends are probably from Western, more liberal nations. Do you know that nearly half our trade is with MORE conservative countries like China or the Middle East?

5) You seriously want the government to "educate" the public on homosexuality? Really? I don't think that will sit very well on anybody's plate.
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