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Others S strome October 10, 2012 521
Is there a real need?
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I am currently serving my national service and I am enjoying my time. But sometimes, I wonder. Is there really a need for so many male Singaporeans to serve the nation cause honestly about 1/4 of my colleagues have nothing much to do.

It puts us males at a disadvantage of 2 years as compared to our counterparts from overseas who come to Singapore on scholarships and get their degrees faster than us! Moreover, is it really humane to force someone to do something he doesn't want to, eg run around the track, and punish him for what he doesn't want to do? In what way do the superiors have that level of authority over enlistees?

But then again, if we do not defend our country, who will? I understand that. I just hope that the resources will be properly managed such that we do not waste our time in NS. And that there will be more liberty for one to choose how he wants to serve his counrty.
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