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Everyone’s best friend
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The ice cream uncle is the highlight of everyone’s childhood - the melodious chimes which announces his arrival attract all children like how fruit flies swarm to feast on a banana. He is part of my adulthood, too. The legacy of the ice cream uncles thrive till today and some places where they can be found are Orchard Road, Bugis Village, Marine Parade and near schools such as Cedar Girls Secondary School.

Flavours offered include the classic Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate chip as well as unorthodox flavours such as sweet corn and sweet potato. Ice Cream fanatics also have to choice of waffle, bread or simply having their ice cream in a cup. Ahh, this is definitely uniquely Singapore.

However, while the ice creams are sold at a fixed price of $1 in the past, some uncles located at populous areas such as Orchard Road charge a higher price of $1.50 now. Moreover, with more avant garde ways of eating ice cream today such as Hvala Waffle ice cream, the ice cream uncles may be slowly and dangerously losing their appeal.
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