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Others B bryan-choo June 15, 2013 1383
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I have always preferred buying ice cream from these ice cream uncles to those packaged ice cream found in supermarkets.

Without fail, the ice cream uncle will definitely ride his motorbike with an ice cream cart besides it to my estate. He uses an old bell and rings it to notify the residents his arrival. I would always get changed and rushed down to get my favorite Chocolate mint ice cream with 2 side waffle biscuits at a rather cheap price, as compared to the coned ones sold in supermarkets.

Apart from the price and my own preference, one of the more important reason that makes me prefer buying from ice cream uncles is the fact that it allows me to relive and recall back those primary school days when every school mate would rush to the back gate and get an ice cream each before they made their way back home.

I hope these ice cream carts will go on. I really wouldn't want to witness the closure of such a convenient and unique operation of selling ice creams in Singapore.
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