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Others J jian-qiang January 04, 2014 909
A Public Space
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Although void decks represent a very important area for many significant ceremonies such as a wedding, it can often by misused by minority of the people.

From my observations, many a times, there would be students loitering at void decks, creating unnecessary noises. This is a disturbance and a form of disruption to the residents living at the estate.

Unlike the newly built HDB flats in which they have a large gap between the first floor and the second floor, for old buildings, the second floor is very much nearer to the first floor. As a result, noises created during the wee hours often make residents resort to calling the police so that they can have a peaceful night of rest.

Having said this, I also agree that void decks created space for important events like a wedding. It is also a common area for holding wakes, especially for a Chinese deceased.

A void deck is a public space and hence, we must be considerate for those living nearby while using it.
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