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Others J jian-qiang March 04, 2014 163
Getting Worried
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Haze + No rain. Probably one of the worst weather combinations ever. It has been an exceptionally dry month, with close to no rainfall. The grass is turning brown and I am beginning to get a little worried. Although Dr Balakrishnan did assure us that there are enough water supplies to last us for some time, I am still hesitant given that I still see an acute wastage of water.

I applaud the town councils that have chosen to suspend block washings and public area cleanings. Indeed, a dirty estate beats a lack of clean water. It's saddening though, to read in the papers that many Singaporeans are still not feeling the urgency to save water and to cut down on usage. Perhaps we need water rationing exercises or a real emergency before we will finally take action.

On the bright side, this has taught me some new water saving habits! I don't leave the tap running while showering now. The government has also taken the opportunity to educate its citizens on good water habits. Let's just hope that it rains soon, takes the heat and haze away and turn Singapore green again!
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