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The Biggest 24 Hour Flea Market in Singapore
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There are times when I wished I never knew of its existence, and also days that I feel it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Regardless, I can say that carousell has become one of my most frequently used apps. Its interface is sleek and it only takes a matter of seconds to list an item and put it up on the marketplace. With it’s large user base right now, you can expect to find anything under the sun, and even a prospective buyer for that Christmas present you received 5 years ago still rotting in your storeroom.

Time to time, there are also discount events like 24 hour flash sales along with the usual Black Friday or GSS ones, offering prices that you will never be able to find elsewhere. There are also times whereby they will promote certain categories, like how white and red items that were listed received their own category in the front page during the National Day period, resulting in greater traffic for your item if it fit into that particular event.

Whether you are looking for an obscure fan merchandise or a cheap bundle deal for socks, there’s something for everyone. Communication through the app is also smooth, reducing the need for other mediums suchlike email or messaging apps. I have had so many great deals in the past using Carousell, with bicycles, clothes and even textbooks bought at much cheaper prices than I expected. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I even managed to sell off a concert ticket one day before the concert. That said, I also had bad deals, with jeans being bought at conditions much poorer than what was stated by seller and phone cases that never arrived. It does help to always be wary of scams and the feedback function for each user help in that aspect. In general, the community is very friendly and there are some that might even go out of their way for your convenience. Give it a try - just use it in moderation!
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