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Aka money-sucking hell
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Who wouldn’t say yes to making a quick buck? My friend and I decided to set up a joint account to sell our preloved clothes one day, and it was then when I was first introduced to the most efficient buy-and-sell apps in Singapore.

Before Carousell, Singaporeans usually resort to Instagram to buy and sell their items, under the #sgselling hashtag. But considering how Instagram doesn’t allow you search more than one hashtag at once, filtering through all the photos for what you’re actually looking for is extremely tedious. With Carousell, all these woes are put to rest. Carousell is the place to go to find ANYTHING you need at a significantly cheaper price, be it clothes, or tickets to the zoo.

Users on Carousell are mostly self-regulated, which may result in some tiffs or regrettable events at times. But user trustworthiness can be determined by the feedback left on their profiles, and will greatly facilitate your shopping experience here on this app.
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