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Extra and fast cash!
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With Carousell, it really depends. I cannot promise that you would enjoy using it unless you promise to use it with an open and focus mind. You should expect to be spoken to rudely/ let down and you should focus on selling your item/ buying what you want.

Personally, I have had a fulfilling experience with Carousell. I have managed to make extra cash and get rid of most of my unwanted clothes the past 2 years using this mobile application. I use it mostly only to clear my wardrobe. It really is that easiest and most convenient way to do so. All you have to do is set up an account, post all the items you would like to sell with honest details and price, and wait for response. Then, communicate with your potential buyers respectfully and hope for successful sale! All together, I have definitely made more than $500 from the things I have sold on Carousell.

Other than selling, you can also easily look for items to buy on Carousell. If you need something quick, the best place to look for the item is Carousell. For example, I found an exercise book I needed on Carousell for a quarter of its original price in the bookstore!

However, you have to be careful using this mobile application. Its security feature is hardly topnotch. Try to trust your instincts and only deal with people you feel are genuine. You can rely on reviews made on the user to judge.
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