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Others H haziyah-ali February 23, 2014 119
Cheaper alternative to a hotel
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Airbnb is an alternative to hotels in a foreign country, except cheaper. At a fraction of a price, Airbnb offers similar facilities to a hotel and sometimes more, depending on personal preferences. For instance, while some houses do not provide the luxury of a swimming pool or gym, they provide a kitchen and washing machine.

Based in almost every country, Airbnb is extremely accessible. However, based on personal experiences, what you expect may not always be what you get. I stayed in an apartment (under Airbnb) in Hong Kong which seemed extremely appealing on the mobile app. But what was not mentioned was the fact that the apartment was located next to a pub which was extremely noisy at night and in the wee hours of the morning.

Overall though, I would recommend Airbnb to travellers who are on a tight budget or young couples who want to experience living together.
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