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Others H haziyah-ali February 23, 2014 147
Missing those times
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During my exchange period, I have stayed in various apartments which I found through Airbnb. It was a really different experience for me and my exchange buddy, especially when we are so used to having our own private space/hotels.

The best thing about Airbnb is that you get to stay with true locals in their real homes, thus allowing you to have a better understanding of the country’s culture. For instance, most of the hosts are really friendly and they would even recommend you where to go, what to eat and what to be careful of. It somehow reminds me of the buddy system thing we have when we were kids! In fact, when I was in Spain, our hosts were so nice to bring us around on our first day. They brought us around the neighbourhood to get us familiar with all the important landmarks, warned us to be careful about pickpockets and even cooked up an authentic Spanish dinner for us. And every day when we head out or come back, they would give us a friendly smile and ask us about our day. Although we were pretty shy, it was overall a very heart-warming experience.

Of course there were the bad times too. Photos differ from reality, having to share toilets with others or when we couldn’t get in touch with our hosts emergencies etc. However, I feel that all these are just part of the “tour package”. Although I can’t say that all the experiences are good, but they are certainly memorable. Come to think of it, I can seriously remember all the décor of the rooms’ that I have stayed. Now I’m really missing those times.
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