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Others H haziyah-ali February 23, 2014 148
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I find AirBnB an insightful and practical guide for places where I haven't been before in my life! Simply wonderful.

From the many accounts of how my friends used AirBnB, they positively endorsed it and even recommended it as a great means for me to plan my own holiday. For example, accomodation wise, there are lists with a range of places to stay, from hotels to hostels to backpacker hotels. Moreover, the most recommended places by other uses will naturally feature foremost along with promotions available as well as other good points such as good views, decent showers etc. Hence, the display is not only colourful, but also user-friendly with which you are 'encouraged' indirectly to continue surfing.

However, one note of caution would be not to take everything at face-value. Wonderful looking rooms may not materialise exactly in real life, which was what my cousin experienced when he went budget and got an apartment. Moreover, you have to take into account the level of services and also the cleanliness of the place. For example, it would not be a nice experience to discover termites or dirty bedsheets at a hostel. At least in hotels with decent services, you could be guaranteed a change in room or even pest removal services automatically called in.

Highly encouraged to use but be use it with a pinch of salt. Everything this app features is not as it seems.
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