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Festivals and Holidays D david-tan October 20, 2012 487
Has turned from a day of memory to biscuit day for kids
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Total Defence Day does carry an important message that we all need to know, on how we have to be ready for any conflict and defend us by our own abilities. However, it is done wrongly, with speeches that stray from the message from total defence day and the same videos and activities being repeated year after year, it has become a monotonous day.

For primary school children, it is not a memory and message to be prepared that they remember for this day, but it is a trouble as the school canteen is closed and they are forced to live on a pack of biscuits or cream crackers, Furthermore, with the number of foreigners in Singapore, I feel that total defence day is losing its meaning as we are being prepared not just to defend ourselves but also these foreigners most of which would take flight at first chance or not lift a finger to help.

The only way people will really bother with this day is if it becomes a day of some real meaning, or a public holiday.
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