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Festivals and Holidays I iswariya October 16, 2012 264
I'm a chinese, but who says i can't enjoy this!
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I tend to overeat. Even when it is not a festival I celebrate. But hey, im being happy for them okay!
The highlight of these bazaars for me, is the food. What else but the delicious, lip smacking, greasy and cheap grub, with a homely taste rarely found in mass produced goods.

This year's bazaar was a hit for me, I literally went to check out every single food stall and eyed their offerings. I'm thrilled, as not often can I find so many Malay snack stalls at one go. And then, being the crazy me, I visited every stall selling the kuih dadar and bought them home to try every one.

Enough of my antics. Besides food, they do sell other things like decorations and such for use during the hari raya. It is indeed a time of joy and happiness for them.

I can't wait for the next bazaar!
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