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Let the party start!
(Updated: June 15, 2014)
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Hari Raya is an exciting time, for it marks the end of the month of Ramadan, when our Muslim friends fast in order to cleanse their soul of harmful impurities and learn to do good. After a month of going hungry and thirsty so that they can understand what the poor and starving masses are going through all around the world, they mark the end with a celebration and feast. That Hari Raya can also be literally translated into 'Day of Celebration' is a fact highly in line with the holiday.

During this period of time, visiting the bazaar observing the festive season in Geylang is highly recommended. During these events, there is much to see, eat and experience. For one, look out for sumptuous Hari Raya dishes, the famed Ramli burgers and the specialty muslim 'kuehs'. Whilst munching on your food, stroll through the multitude of make-shift stores selling everything from cloth (to spruce up your house) to specialty custom-made flower arrangements.

Moreover, the atmosphere of the events are of jubiliance. There is a cheery feel to the place as Muslims end their fast for the day and coming down to the bazaar gives them a chance to stretch their toes as well as fill up their stomachs. Moreover, there is a general 'bro feel' among the crowds for everyone has gone through the same ordeal throughout the day. Its really a relief that its evening again!

I would normally recommend visits during evening hours as this is the time where the bazaar is at its noisiest and most active. The first hand experience and subsequent takeaways is indeed eye opening.
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