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Festivals and Holidays I iswariya October 16, 2012 264
A must every year.
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As far back as I could remember, every year during the Muslim fasting month, my family and I would frequent the Bazaar in Geylang, for new outfits, treats, and household items. The variety is impressive, though not comparable to the one in KL. It's actually sort of like a tradition for us already.

It's best to go to the Bazaar at night, where the festive mode is more felt. Towards the end of the fasting month, crowds will become bigger, items cheaper, and the whole atmosphere is really quite exhilarating.

It does get tiring after a few hours walking around, what with all the people and activities going about. I would usually get cranky by then, and would want to go back home.

But as (some of) the Malays say, "it's not Raya if you don't go to Geylang".
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