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Festivals and Holidays I iswariya October 16, 2012 255
A Must-Go Bazaar
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Since it is only held once a year, I will always make it a point to visit this bazaar at night during the fasting month at least once. The variety of food there is just amazing. The kebabs, the kuehs, the dendeng ( a slice dried meat that has a similar shape to Bak kwa but the halal version), traditional malay food like nasi lemak and mee goreng, desserts such as Turkish ice cream and much more. Basically it is a food heaven.

Aside from food, the bazaar also has beautiful traditional and modern malay ‘baju kurungs’ on sale, carpets, vases, flowers, fairy lights and things that the Malays are keen to buy in preparation for Hari Raya. Sometimes, there are also performances by well-known Malay singers and entertainers in order to hype up the bazaar. The whole place will be blasting with Hari Raya songs and people will sing along to them while shopping.

It is truly a unique cultural experience and it is something that has been there for decades. I love Hari Raya bazaar and will continue to do so as long as I live.
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