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Politicians S snoopyblues October 15, 2012 538
Not my choice president
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While I admit that he does not really look the part of a prominent figure of Singapore, I refrain from judging him based on his looks, but his actions so far makes me want to link them together. Yes, I know that based on the current rules, he does not have much of an influence over the government and politics compared to other nations' presidents like that of the USA, but I feel that as such a important figure, the very least he could do is to listen to the people and try to relay those opinions to the government.

However, I feel that he has not been doing so. Sure, the previous president did not do as much either, but does that mean he has to follow suit? The people elect a president to be one of their representatives, and in such a time when the people are so upset with the government, shouldn't he step up and do something, whatever he can, or even press on to challenge and try to remove some of his constraints so that he can do more?

His history of being an MP from the People's Action Party is not helping his position any better, and there are people who believe that he is a puppet fielded by them. While as a president he has cut off political ties and assumed a different position, his reluctance to do anything against the interests of the government that has a PAP majority just makes people believe in such a thing. Unless he steps up and starts listening and trying to help the people, I would definitely not see him as a choice president.
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