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Politicians S snoopyblues October 15, 2012 718
Hip Siol
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Lee Hsien Loong is Singapore's current Prime Minister. Yes, think PAP, red polo shirts and sharp suits. Yet, he is also touted as one of Singapore's hippest politicians. His involvement in social media makes him more personal, and more understandable to Singaporeans.

He is active on Facebook and regularly posts photos and statuses about his day. Once, he took a picture of an owl that flew into his office and posted it online! He even has an Instagram account and to date, he has 181 pictures. Pretty active, I would say. His Instagram account makes it easy for young people like me to connect with him better, which is a wise move.

I don't think he is the best speaker that Singapore has. But I like that he is not arrogant, nor pompous. He seems to really care for the people and ultimately, I think that's what is most important in a politician.
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