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Politicians D david-tan October 18, 2012 638
He deserved to stay
(Updated: March 19, 2013)
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Ok, so he was from PAP, the party which many people are very disappointed with. However, he was not all like them, and while donning the same uniforms, he has an entirely different personality and charisma, for one that he is not so much of an upstart prick who thinks he is above others but he tends to be more humble and down to earth.

While there has not been any major conflict during his time in office as a foreign affairs minister, whatever part he played in minor conflicts such as Pedra Branca he did well in whatever part he played. I also felt that he was closer to the people, a better listener and one who takes action, whether by his words, actions or simply how he reacts to people around him.

While he has left politics, I felt he deserved the role of MP and he would serve the people better than many other MPs right now. I hope he does well in his future endeavours...
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