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Others J joanne March 17, 2013 729
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When I first saw a Steven Lim video, my jaw literally dropped. It was hard to believe the state of delusion that a fully grown man could still indulge in. Up till now, I still don't know if Steven Lim is a hoax or if he seriously does have mental issues. The man thinks he's super famous and incredibly talented. He regularly posts videos of himself on his YouTube channel singing, doing covers and ranting about random stuff.

His videos are usually low-quality with little to no editing, which adds to the hilarity of it. He runs a modelling agency, of which I have no idea how successful it is. He also accepts basketball challenges from his "fans" and regularly takes photos. Steven Lim is no talented man, but I will say that he does make me laugh. I think he probably does have a little bit of mental disability, because I doubt any man in his right mind would go all out and publicly embarrass himself like that.

I'm not even sure how he earns money. But nonetheless, it will be interesting to track this man and see where he goes from here. I'm sure there's no other way but up for him now since he's already hit rock bottom.
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