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Downed by criticism
(Updated: February 19, 2013)
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This guy made his appearance on television in Singapore Idol as a judge, but his career goes way beyond that. For many years, he was amongst the better composers and producers in the music industry, and he has been part of many projects such as National Day songs.

He also owns a record company which has been the medium for many rising stars' performances and albums. While he has been fired at for his comments during Singapore Idol for being cynical and a mini Simon Cowell, I actually kind of like his honesty. As a person who understands music to quite a deep depth, I know that his comments make sense, and in fact was more factually accurate than any other judge other than Dick Lee, who is also very musically sensible.

I hope that in his return to the new show the Final One, he will continue to give honest opinions and not kind sounding ones just make a contestant feel good, for good things can be heard by everyone, but mistakes need to be pointed out and learnt..
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