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Others H haziyah-ali April 07, 2013 326
Childhood inspiration
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I've been watching programs done by him since I was young, and I can say that he has contributed in a way, to the artist I am today. He has a way with children, in that he's able to reach down to their level, and make art a fun and interesting thing to do. He has a whimsical personality, and isn't afraid of letting loose and making a joke of himself. I've always admired how he's able to go up to strangers and ask them questions concerning art. His large scale art works amazed me as a child, and they still do!

I once saw him in a hotel when I was younger, but I was too shy to say hi. I did laugh at him though, because I've always associated him with "funny man on tv", and seeing him in real life made things funnier!

Although his programs do not really interest me anymore at the age I'm at, I'm glad I had the chance to watch him when I was younger.
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