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Xiang Yun

Xiang Yun has acted in countless productions and bagged numerous accolades with her versatility to take on both leading and supporting roles.

She started as an actress in the Drama Training Class in the 80s. Her first major role was that of an ill-fated and long-suffering wife who was sold to Singapore in "Awakening". Her name was constantly used to helm major productions that were well received by viewers. Her efforts won major recognition when she was awarded the Best Supporting Actress thrice (1998, 2000 & 2001) in the station’s annual Star Awards.

Xiang Yun also went onto stage in the first local Chinese musical "December Rains". She has also forayed into hosting recently and viewers’ response has been favourable. In 2003, Xiang Yun was chosen to act in one of English telemovies in a script writing contest organised by the Singapore Film Commission and Raintree Pictures. Though it is her first English stint, Xiang Yun delivered her best performance as the struggling mother who sells turtle soup at a hawker centre in "Sweet Dreams & Turtle Soup".

The award-winning actress made her silver screen debut in "I Not Stupid" I and II, which was the second highest money grossing local film in Singapore.

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