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Actresses D damien August 25, 2012 587
The Girl with the Wide Smile
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Yup, that's exactly how I remember Joanne Peh. I know she's also an actress, but she has not shone in her roles thus far. It's like I can vaguely remember her on screen, but there's no real lasting memory. However, I think she's more suited to hosting roles. She is effectively bilingual, and she has been tasked to host Channel 5 shows quite often. For example, she hosted Sasuke Singapore, a popular variety show where participants had to weave through challenging obstacles.

Her personal life is pretty juicy as well. She is probably best known for dating radio DJ cum hot hunk Bobby Tonelli. Unfortunately (or fortunately), they have broken up! Things were exciting while they lasted though.

Nonethless, Joanne Peh is a sweet girl with a radiant smile. As long as she doesn't get herself embroiled into scandals, she'll be just fine. We all already love her anyway.
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