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Actresses D damien August 25, 2012 556
Reigns supreme in the commercial sector
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I recalled flicking my television on at 9pm to tune into 'The Little Nyonya'. I was instantly greeted by Joanne Peh acting as a mentally unstable patient who was serenaded by a sea of cockroaches. Impressive. I will certainly never, ever so ever agree to be swamped by an ocean of insects no matter the species. It still irks me whenever I chance upon even a plastic replica of those repulsive looking creepy crawlies.

Frankly, I thought Joanne Peh would not stay on screen permanently. She exuded a queer vibe; like her acting career was a part time situation that enabled her to quench her boredom. Hence, I was taken aback when she began plopping back onscreen via both TV shows and commercials. Lots of it. She brought along a mysterious sense of memorability towards the items that she endorsed. Walk to the left, the right, front and back. I'd see her face plastered everywhere accompanied by a gigantic bottle of Lux. Oh no, it doesn't end there. Her commercials conquered the advertising sector onscreen too. They're repeated a gazillion times till viewers like me had the knack of memorising those commercial lines of hers.
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