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Actresses D damien August 25, 2012 999
Looks do not count for ability
(Updated: February 02, 2013)
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Joanne Peh is rather decent looking, and has a sweet expression that probably appeals to many people. However, I personally feel that the looks required in the beauty and modelling industry does not relate to the skill of acting. While she looks pretty decent and sweet, her ability to act is questionable at times.

Most of the times she can act quite well, but in some of the dramas she has acted in, I have found on numerous occasions that she had a lack of portrayal of expression and at times I felt she was reciting her lines and not acting her part out. Sure she has her good moments in drama, but I feel that the occasional holes in her playing of her part seriously affects her name as an actress, despite her apparent versatility in taking on different roles.

As a variety show hostess, she is not too bad. She is able to bring out just enough live to the show, but sometimes, her comments or jokes do not fit the background mood of the show, which then questions the wittiness of the content of the commentary. In conclusion, I feel is an actress with pretty decent looks but need much improvement in terms of her acting and hosting although they are already of quite a good standard.
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