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Actresses S snoopyblues October 15, 2012 1626
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I used to like and adore Felicia Chin very much as I thought she had both beauty and brains, which was extremely appealing to me. Following a string of successful Mediacorp serials in which she had a leading role, I became even more of a fan. Sadly, it all went downhill from there.

Firstly, she changed her chinese name which I found weird and rather disrespectful. I believe it was due to some fengshui reasons but I thought it unnecessary and a bad move to make. Everyone knew her as "Chen Feng Ling" and for a period of time after that, whenever someone mentioned "Chen Jing Xuan" to me, I would be stunned for a while because the name simply could not register. As of now, I know she has changed her chinese name back to her original one which is again questionable and makes me wonder as to why she can't make up her mind.

Perhaps she can redeem herself. She's slated to star in an upcoming Channel U rugby-themed serial, which is really quite unlike her. That's probably why I'm rather interested in watching her performance on the show. She takes her acting much more seriously now, I dare say. After all, she quit her business studies halfway at NUS just to pursue acting full-time. Shows some commitment and bravery definitely.
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