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Actors K kooooon October 22, 2012 4514
Not any mere teen actor
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When Shawn Lee first appeared in his movie debut, 'I Not Stupid', he was merely a child, and I remember myself being amazed at his ability to burst into tears so seamlessly despite his young age at that point of time.

Fast forward a few years, Shawn Lee has definitely moved on from his innocent schoolboy act, and developed a bad boy persona as observed from his latest film works, and his acting is still as good as ever, if not better. In fact, I think he is one of the best looking males in the acting industry now, but I attribute this to my penchant for leaner and less bulky men.

After a prolonged period of not appearing in any dramas or movies, I was pretty much ecstatic when Jack Neo came up with the iconic 'We Not Naughty', which of course featured Shawn Lee as one of the male leads. His acting, like the past, was flawless, and he tore into one expression to another with the sort of expertise that you'd expect from someone like him who's been in the industry for so long.

His acting definitely surpasses that of several male actors in drama serials nowadays, and I patiently await the day in which he appears in a Channel 8 drama.
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