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Actors K kooooon October 22, 2012 4375
Boy with dreams
(Updated: October 23, 2012)
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I like watching shows that he stared in, including Home Run. I must say he is pretty talented as an actor, regardless in roles protraying as an innocent kid or a rebellious boy. That aside, I remember reading on newsapaper that he had decline one of Jack Neo's project to concentrate on his upcoming A levels examination at that point of time.

Maybe I am a little more bias to people who prioritise in their lives, upon hearing the news, my impression of him improved alot more. And from the news again, he did pretty well for his A levels examinations.

The fact that he is not acting currently (or I just didn't notice) probably gives me the impression of him pursuring something that he really loves. his dreams, other than just acting. Acting is probably just something he wanted to try it out in life or one of his hobbies.

Nonetheless, despite me wanting to watch more of his shows, I respect his choice of putting a stop to his acting career now and focus on what is more important to him. I do wish he can join in at leat one acting project once in a while to bring back the nostalgic skills we audiences are missing.
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