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Actors K kooooon October 22, 2012 4513
Watch out for him in our industry
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Because one day, he will cut a bigger name out for himself than anyone ever expected him to.

Shawn Lee made his dramatic entrance into our movie industry with a heart-breaking role and he played it to perfection. The right tears at the right moments, the varying pitches of his voice, the vulnerability and strengths of his character -- everything was tuned ingredients to a wonderful broth -- Liu Kok Pin.

Years down, he is still making movies except with darker characters. He plays them with as much expertise as before, but the image has taken a sharp turn. Instead of the heartache-worthy boy he was introduced as, he joined the ranks of Joshua Ang and got re-invented as a rebel. Quite a sexy transformation I'd say.

He plays his roles with deep sincerity and makes even the weirdest situations look believable. My favorite scene of his from the latest movie would be the face he made when he was telling a lady to push it for her childbirth. This dude's face is stretchy.

A star child and a teen talent, he will be something else bigger one day.
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