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Actors K kooooon October 22, 2012 4513
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(Updated: October 22, 2012)
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I remember when the film "I not stupid" came out many years ago. Back then I was still a student and I was really just so in love with the whole movie because I could relate to it so easily. It was almost inevitable how I instantly liked the main characters, with their boyish charms and convincing acting.

Being one of the pioneer Jack Neo kids, Shawn is still one of the popular faces in the local movie productions, also occasionally appearing in television series. I very much enjoy his works, because they are always very convincing and I find that the roles are played well enough that he does not look like he is putting on an act. I would say that he gets an edge over his peers because of his humble-boy looks that never fail to gain the sympathy and hearts of little girls and aunties alike. Looks aside, the little boy in "I not Stupid" sure has grown much since the days. Putting on a more manly, gangster role in the recent movies and changing up his "typical" roles, displaying versatility.

One of our very few budding local talents which I feel can go a long way. Am really looking forward to seeing more promising performances!
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