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Shaun Chen

Shaun Chen first started out as a model and was talent scouted by MediaCorp from the numerous billboard ads, where he was the face for Maxis. His debut on screen was in the form of dramatised hosting from the hit variety programme, "City Beat". He was later cast as an entrepreneur in "City Heroes" and later in the 100-ep "Holland V" whereby his character “Xiao Xin”, a successful business man who suffers from temporary memory loss, made him a household name.

Shaun has since taken on myriad leading roles in numerous Mandarin drama series, including "Yummy Yummy", a joint-production between Hongkong’s TVB and MediaCorp Studios and in 2006’s highly-rated "C.I.D", where his outstanding performance earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the Star Awards. In addition to his work on television, Shaun also worked with acclaimed Singapore horror film director director Kelvin Tong, for the movie "Men in White". 

In 2009, Shaun was involved in "Your Hand in Mine", the 180-ep long-form Chinese drama.

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