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Actors A aikiash February 15, 2013 619
Funny guy
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I found Noah Yap's acting in Ah Boys to Men excellent, especially since he is relatively new in the acting scene. His acting was really natural and although he played a minor role in the movie, it made the whole movie more enjoyable to watch!

As for his Youtube videos, I find him quite entertaining although his videos can get a little lengthy and mundane after the first few minutes. However, his ideas are good - with a little more experience, I'm sure he'll be able to make it big as a Youtube comedian. I also think he might need an equipment or software upgrade if he wants to boost his popularity. In other words - don't use iMovie! Us Mac users can tell!

Overall, I find Noah Yap's personality very quirky and funny. I've met him once in real life and he seems like the kind who smiles and jokes a lot. I think he has the potential to become the next big star in Singapore!
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