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Actors A aikiash February 15, 2013 694
Not quite up to the mark yet.
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Like his fellow cast members, Noah Yap impressed me with his acting in Ah Boys to Men. Seeing a newbie acting look natural is quite uncommon. Of course, his time as a youtuber probably helped.

After checking out his YouTube videos though, I find them quite lacking especially when compared to Tosh's. His videos lack the energy to keep you watching. I found myself skipping forward in hopes of finding some portion when he would not be droning on and on and on without looking into the camera. Some parts, his voice is too low and it would be difficult to hear what he is saying.

While he may lack the x-factor to be the main star, I think his acting in Ah Boys to Men can earn him some roles in upcoming films and dramas. If he plays his cards right, he can mature into a star in his own right.
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