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Actors I iswariya October 09, 2012 336
The most famous director Singapore has ever known
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Jack Neo has been stirring controversy in our local shores ever since his acting days as Liang Po Po. A man who was willing to dress up like a woman, and even speak like a woman, was not commonly found in our conservative society, and yet Jack Neo dared to transcend the rules of society with his breakthrough role as Liang Po Po, sending throngs of fans bursting into loud uncontrollable laughter with his uncanny ability to amuse the audience.

Fast forward a few years, Jack Neo is no longer doing the Liang Po Po stint. In fact, he has moved on to achieve greater things in the media industry by dabbling in local movies. His movie 'I Not Stupid' was a total box office hit, as it was comedic yet mocked the competitive nature of our Singaporean society - one of Singapore's best local satire. Since that breakthrough film, Jack Neo has continued to display his ability to amuse the audience, as well as send a message to viewers, be it moral values or recurring problems in our society, and each of his movies has always managed to touch me deeply.

He has also proven to be extremely professional. Despite the controversy that struck his family last year, he has bounced back with an incredibly strong resilience. He proceeded to create 'Ah Boys to Men', which was yet another hit with the box offices, and definitely proved to Singaporeans that he would always be our best local film maker despite all odds!
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