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Actors I iswariya October 09, 2012 339
Probably One Of The Best Local Film Producer/Director
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I have always recognized Jack Neo as one of Singapore's greatest film writer and director, and I'm sure many others would reach a consensus with me as well.

Not only is he a director/film producer, he is screened on television in variety shows way back in the past. He has successfully established a reputation of being "Liang Po Po" - oh, who wouldn't know this crouching figure!

Many of his movies, in my perspective, has very accurately exposed the ugly truth about Singaporeans in a comedic style. For example, the renown movie "I Not Stupid" pinpoints on the issue of our nation's stressful education regime, and the pressure the kids have to suffer from their demanding, competitive parents, aside from the persecution from various levels in the society towards those less-academically inclined.

As such, many of the locals, including myself when I was simply a child of about age six or seven, are able to relate closely to the entire movie. It sets off locals to consider and do a thorough self-reflection about their current prejudice, mindsets and behaviour.

Oh, not the mention - one of my favourite shows from Jack Neo is "Homerun".

However, the extra-marital affair that he has unwittingly gotten himself into certainly wounded his reputation, to a certain extent. The good impression that he has made on me was stained by this ugly scandal. Despite having the ability to produce good films, I expected him to be able to manage his personal life more adequately.

Was I expecting too much?

However, the affair he has with the freelance model should not be included when judging on Jack Neo's talent in his profession and industry. Despite being disappointed in his actions, I still hold respect and admiration for him.
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