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Actors I iswariya September 19, 2012 401
All round comedian
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He is definitely one of the few mediacorp artistes who I feel is talented. Perhaps he does not have the best of looks or body figure, but he really is good in his roles as an actor and also an excellent variety show host.

The first time I encountered gurmit singh was watching PCK pte ltd, in which he starred as the silly and funny Phua Chu Kang. He was really well immersed in his role, and one might almost not guess this more serious looking person becoming that comical character with his yellow boots and large mole.

After the ending of the production of PCK pte ltd , aside from his role in PCK sdn bhd in Malaysia and other minor roles in other shows, he also starred in movies like Jack Neo's just follow law, where he was able to bring out the character of Lim Teng Zui to quite flawlessly.

He has also hosted a number of variety shows such as Our Makan Places Lost And Found, and he is quite well-versed in his language and is apt at bringing life to the shows. Being a jack of all comedy trades, I feel that the only improvements he needs to make is to come out with jokes or phrases not so similar to the ones he used once to often.
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