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Actors A audrey1985 August 25, 2012 1352
No opportunities to unleash his potential
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I have watch all if not bits and pieces of his drama serials from his first debut to most recent ones. Despite hearing much critisim from many others about him, I stll think he has improved nurmerous steps ahead of his counterparts.
His charisma especially has increased from the first time I saw him.

I appreciate how he make efforrt to improve himself during his break at one point of time when he attended vocal lessons as well as dance lessons. With his muscular built, it is definitely a challenge to start dancing. Nonetheless, I admire his courage for a brerakthrough.

The most memorable role I had of him was his role as Pan Jie Ming in "Breakout". He had really done a great job portraying the characteristics of an autistic person. From this role, great potential can be seem from him, I believe that he can still much better, only with a suitable script and plot from mediacorp. The drama serials by Mediacorp nowadays, in my opinion, lack creativity and originality. This has cause many actors and actresses to be lack of opportunities for growth and for us audiences to discover.
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