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Actors P prisailurophile August 31, 2012 906
Arty Arty Arty
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Talk about Bryan Wong and I will think of "Home Decor Survivor". I started noticing him through this reality show displaying his artistic talent and charisma.

As someone who loves visual art, I love how he always think out of the box and try on new style of paintings and DIY items. His love for art can been seen in every single episode. No sloppy work is done as he put in his very best at every second. All that hard work, is something a person who has never tried DIY or visual art can imagine. Really salute him.

I think it's great that he can venture into reality shows that unleash his arty potential at the same time. How many mediacorp artise are able to do that? His witty jokes also never fail to bring up the atmosphere although I thought that his jokes sometimes are a little on the hurtful side to the person he is making fun of. Nonetheless, it's good that he still know his limits.

I hope he will be given the opportunity to show his visual arts and designing skills once again with reality shows for fans who wanted to watch him in action. Let's cheer for him!
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