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Actors P prisailurophile August 31, 2012 970
Not a great fan of him.
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I'm not exactly a great fan of Bryan Wong, to be honest.

Well, it is undeniable that he has a offbeat sense of humour, a quirky hosting style and a congenial smile that is appealing and inviting. Of course, in my perspective, he does not carry a strong sense of masculinity or even maturity, and sometimes, I feel that he casts himself as a small child inclined to childish behaviour.

In one of the variety that I subscribed to previously, I noticed that he could be rather careless with his remarks about others that can appear to be insensitive, sardonic and even slightly denigrating. Probably it's simply being honest and open about his comments, but I do believe that host should be have dexterity with their words, making the appropriate comments at the right time.

As much as some of these negative points of him tars the image of him in my mind, I certainly admire him for being so talented. He has such creativity that is indeed commendable! The variety shows that involves designing of houses certain gave him a good platform to showcase his art in designing. In the show, his flair for interior decorations and designs certainly stood out and the way he could conceptualize his designs is superlative.

Not to forget, he is even a fabulous chef!

One comment that a close friend of mine made about him goes like this:
"You don't have to be likeable, popular or well-received. You simply have to be very good at what you're doing. Bryan Wong is one example."

Oh, how true.
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