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Events and Exhibitions L laura-chan June 25, 2013 411
A fun night out for those with no Halloween plans
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I’ll confess, I’m a horror movie junkie. I love them all, from terror to thriller to simple gore, I just love scaring myself. Having gone to Fright Night in the UK before, I was excited to experience the bigger, more intense version that Singapore has to offer. The only issue with it being so big and bad, is that it’s just so, so busy. The queues for any of the rides take at least an hour, and you spend the whole time trying to dodge crowds of screaming people.

The amount of effort and planning put in is clear. Different sections provide different scares, and for me the best part are all the actors in full makeup and costume that jump out as you walk around. Surprise is the best and easiest way to scare, and even when you look out for these actors they’ll still have you screaming like a little girl. The mazes are okay, but when there’s that many people to get around the park, the mazes aren’t as intimate or small as you’d want them to be in order to really feel terrified. The mazes aren’t that different from the rest of the park, and in my opinion not really worth the queue.

My favourite part was the sassy Mirror, mirror on the wall, who responds to what you’re doing and is just a fabulous touch to the horror and gore seen in the rest of the park. If you’re stuck regarding what to do around Halloween, this is always a safe bet for a fun night out with your friends, it’s not downright terrifying, more a way to scream and laugh both at the same time.
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