Sleepy Sam's Bed & Breakfast

A May 10, 2012
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Sleepy Sam's Bed & Breakfast
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Room Prices:
female only / mixed dorm room
SG$25 per person per night
(approx US$19 / €13 / £10)

private single room
SG$59 per room per night
(approx US$40 / €28 / £22)

private double room
SG$89 per room per night

3-bed dorm room (double mattress plus single)
SG$99 per room per night
(approx US$67 / €48 / £38)

(approx US$62 / €43 / £34)
Room Price

Singapore's highest-rated bed & breakfast hostel for backpackers! Staying at Sleepy Sam's is like waking up in a luxury resort everyday; but at budget prices - a luxury you need not pay lots of cash for. Sleepy Sam's is right in the city, yet is set in uniquely serene and tranquil surroundings amidst a row of conserved traditional houses. Sleepy Sam's is in what once used to be the Sultan's palace compounds - now the vibrant and colourful Malay heritage conservation area - and is as laid back as you can get in this busy city nation! Easy to get to, close to transport, relaxed and friendly - we're sure you'll love it (we sure do!) We have strived to retain all the rustic charm of the intricate carvings and design of the house, whilst giving the premises a new lease of life with details to provide a secure and charming roof over your head during your adventures in our sunny island. Every thought has been given to make your stay a very relaxing experience; and into creating the privacy each traveler looks forward to. Sleepy Sam's has mixed or female only dorm rooms, private single and private double rooms for you. Come, unwind with us! Join us in music and movies, complete with snacks to boost. A game of play station (did we see the boys smiling?) or indulge in the (cheap!) spa next door (did we see the girls smiling?). Sleepy Sam's does not believe in having you pay a fortune to enjoy our hospitality - come as guests, leave as friends!


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