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One of the best and nothing less
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If you are looking for a place that is spacious to hold parties or gatherings, National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) is the place. Take the MRT to Tanah Merah MRT (EW4) and there will be a free shuttle bus service from there to NSRCC. Book their bungalows. Bookings can be made up to five months in advance for non-members and six months for members. There is a minimum requirement of at least two nights.

NSRCC would be slightly pricier if you are looking for a booking during their peak periods, usually during weekends and school holidays. It would be good if you have friends or family members who are SAFRA or resort members. Get them to book the bungalows at a better price. There are discounts given to NSmen as well though not as much as the other two, at least it is better than none.

There are a total of two spacious rooms and toilets in the bungalow itself. It is generally clean, otherwise you can call the reception and they will send their staff down to clean, no questions asked. The bungalow will generally be well-equipped with the basic facilities. Late night mahjong sessions, not a problem, they provide a table as well as tiles. For parties or gatherings, NSRCC allows rental of tables and chairs at a low cost. Having sleepovers and not enough rooms? Not to worry, mattresses and blankets are just a call away too. Call their reception to request for more, their counter staff are friendly and helpful.

There are plenty of facilities around NSRCC as well. These facilities are generally functional and clean unless they are down for maintenance. Check with their staff before going down. Located just at the building beside the pool, they have bowling, karaoke, arcade and pool tables. Their prices are very reasonable too. For instance a small room for karaoke would cost you about S$10 per hour, exclusive of 7% GST. The room capacity would be four to six per room, which would be about S$2 or so for one hour of karaoke session. Do not expect the best sound quality, but it is not too bad at this price!

Besides those facilities listed, they have got more to offer. Basketball, tennis, squash courts and a gym. Just a handful of their many other facilities, and the rest will be left for you to experience yourself. Two days would be insufficient if you are looking to cycle, which would take up at least half a day. The adventurous few can consider night cycling as well. Rest assured, your two days there will probably be one of the best and nothing less!
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