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Chalets V vacantaffair January 04, 2013 2740
Love the bungalow
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There are simply too many great things to describe about this place!

The two-storey bungalow houses are equipped with a television with some cable tv channels. There is also a kitchen with a microwave oven, an electronic cooker (which is safer, since it doesn't use gas!) and many other essentials. There are also barbecue pits located at each of the units too. Food has to be brought here by the users, since the nearest supermarket is very far away unless you are driving. My friends and I prefer to bring food here and cook them rather than barbecue, since we our stay here lasted for 3 days and 2 nights on both occasions we rented the chalet.

The facilities are very good as well. My friends and I had a good workout at the gym, which was very well maintained. The swimming pool is spacious for all types of swimming. What is not to be missed is the jacuzzi located near the large pool! Unfortunately only one of them was working (with warm water) during my stay last week. A great way to relax your muscles if you visited the gym as well. Another facility not to be missed is the steam room, which is something like a sauna, located in the changing rooms near the swimming pool. Both the steam room and the jacuzzi were especially therapeutic since it rained earlier in the day during my stay.

The only complain that I might have is the location of the whole chalet/resort. There is a shuttle bus to take you there from Tanah Merah interchange, which is located in the far East. Also, the waiting intervals between each shuttle bus is about 1 hour long if I recall correctly. However, this "ulu" aspect of the chalet does help to give you the feeling of truly being on a holiday!

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steam room!
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