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Chalets V vacantaffair January 04, 2013 2838
bungalow stay
(Updated: January 04, 2013)
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The chalets are spacious, well-maintained and the exterior design is pretty well done. the interior is like any other chalet, nothing too surprising or appealing. the location is one of the biggest negative factors. it is extremely inaccessible for public transport. even taxis cannot be flagged and one must call a cab to be able to get one. however, it really is like a bunagalow, because bungalows are located far from each other and from the busy streets to maximise personal space, which it did. you can blast music & have crazy parties but you won't get any complaints. two BBQ pits are located right outside your chalet so you dont have to share your space with other BBQ users.

suitable for: large scale parties or events or BBQ
advice: arrange to meet up with friends to travel together or borrow a car to ferry people around. food and necessities has to be prepared early as there is only one overpriced mini-mart nearby. book a corner unit & get a huge speaker to partayyyy the night away!

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