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Chalets V vacantaffair January 04, 2013 3222
Ideal for weekend getaway!
(Updated: January 04, 2013)
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My dad has been a member here for as long as I can remember thus this has always been our favorite place to come to whenever we want to swim/bowl and my siblings and I have all joined as junior members! NSRCC has a great pool that is in operation till 9pm thus I often go there for night swims. There would be less people then.

Often, there is not much people there unless its the holidays, then expect loads of people as the chalets/ bungalows will be in much demand! I have also stayed there before, and had to book a few months in advance because it was for the school holidays and the bungalows were being snapped up pretty fast!

The place is ideal for family outings, with its driving range (for dad) , swimming pool replete with jacuzzis, arcade, bowling, tennis, basketball courts and a restaurant that just tops off the perfection in this little place.

One could totally enjoy being here without any connection to the bustle of the city!

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