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For those too drunk to go home.
(Updated: May 17, 2012)
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When I first stepped into Hotel 81, all that I could think about was dodgy of how I was going into a hotel when I could easily take a cab home, not to mention the fact that they were some women outside the hotel, whose business I don't want to know of. That night, my friends and I had partied too hard, resulting in some of us being too drunk and scared to go home. Since, we could rent a room for a minimum of 2 hours, one of my friends suggested Hotel 81.

We quickly checked in, paying $30 upfront for the 2 hours, extension of another hour would cost us another $15 they told us. As we went into the room, we found the room to be pretty decent. Aircon was too cold though and we couldn't adjust it, so we had to call the staff for that. After the end of the two hours, a automated phonecall was made by the hotel into each of our room to remind us of the end of the 2 hours. For extension, we would just have to call the receptionist and inform them of it.

All in all, it was pretty okay for a 4 hour long stay and since it was shared among the few of us, it was an okay price to pay. It was just as expected of a budget hotel. Just okay.

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Remind them to give you to call or risk paying extra if you check out too late.
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