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Boutique Hotels F farshafarsha April 12, 2012 162
great service, rather inconvenient location
(Updated: December 07, 2013)
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To be honest, I didn’t enjoy my stay in the hotel. Despite the fact that the hotel was located in Orchard, you’d still have to walk quite a long uphill distance from Paragon. I found myself getting annoyed and frustrated at how far it was from the mall, especially since I just spent the whole day out and was dying to get to my room.

However, the service was excellent. I needed a travel adapter and was immediately sent one seconds after I called the front desk for help. The room was also spacious. I had five friends over and everybody was able to sit down without feeling cramped.

The bathroom was weird though. A transparent glass separates the shower area, making your naked self visible to the people in the room when you are bathing. However, drawing the curtain would solve this problem. I thought it was a weird unnecessary feature of the room, especially since the room was a double-bed one.

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