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Not my kind of hotel
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Prior to my stay, I had heard a lot of good reviews on Studio M Hotel and also saw many pictures of its rooms. What caught my eye was the unique design of the room, which was like a loft. I thought it would be a good change from those cookie-cutter hotel rooms. Hence, I booked the room a night and stayed there with my friend.

The Bad:
The check-in counter is shaped like a circle, and there were 3 to 4 people all situated within the 'circle', helping people to check in. Well, yes it is super cool and different but I guess most hotels do not have that for a reason. Guests do not know where and how to queue. So, one must basically try to spot the fastest staff and try to queue for that staff. To me, this is neither fair nor efficient. It is especially frustrating for tourists, as they would have to wait for a long time with their luggage.

The bathroom, or rather, cubicle, was just way tooo small!!! Also, for a studio hotel that boasts about its design, the shower cubicle was rather disappointing. Also, the glass panel in the shower (for sitting?) was quite irritating as it was impossible to avoid touching it while showering, and it is WAY TOO COLD.

Thirdly, I don't know if I was spooked or what, but there is this red stain/droplet that keeps reappearing on the plastic chair after I had wiped it away several times. Luckily we only stayed for a night.....

Oh ya, please don't expect much of the pool as well.

The Good:
I have to admit that when I entered the room, I was going 'ooooh and aaaaaah' due to the unique design. The bed was suuuuuper comfortable! I slept like a baby that night.

The WIFI in the room was pretty good as well.

I had stayed in express hotels before and I am sad to say that Studio M is not really up there for me. There are certain things that I am particular about (especially the bathroom!) and hence, I would not go back to Studio M anymore.

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The bed!!
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November 13, 2012
Such a fantastically helpful review, thank you!
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